Recycled Railways, Frank Gehry & the Atomic Bomb: The High Line Park - Downtown to Uptown

New York City

  • Street art-inspired prints on sale at the entrance.
  • A "West Side Cowboy" rides ahead of the train running along "Death Avenue."
  • The rectangular block of glass that is The Standard Hotel.
  • Dancing on top of the bar at the now-closed Hogs & Heifers.
  • A S'more Witch brownie with layers of marshmallow and graham crackers.
  • Tourists pose with the sculpture, "Sleepwalker" by Tony Matelli.
  • Take the 16th St stairs back up to the High Line.
  • The IAC Building viewed from the south.
  • Note the increasing and decreasing frosting on the windows.
  • The Baker & Williams Warehouse  towards the west stored nearly 220,000 lbs of uranium.
  • The Empire State Building stands above the western wall of the former General Theological Seminary.
  • "Urban Rattle" by Charlie Hewitt
  • The lawn in front of HL23.
  • "VJ-Day in Times Square" Redux.
  • Hudson Yards under construction.
  • Street art on the western side of the High Line.
  • Public seating area overlooking the rail yards.

1 hour and 30 minutes
1.6 mi
Guided by Adam
Adam Donahue


Stroll from the Meatpacking District to Chelsea along the High Line Park, an elevated railroad track that has been converted into a city park and promenade. Along the way, learn about the street art, architecture, infamy and hidden gems that nestle alongside some of the best views of the city. A stroll along this $152M masterpiece of city planning and industrial renewal makes for the perfect escape from the urban jungle on the streets down below.

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Guide Points

  1. High Line Park Southern Entrance

    Originally, a street-level train sprinted up and down 10th St to transport meat and cargo from the warehouses of the aptly named Meatpackin…

  2. The Standard Hotel

    The concrete slab before you is The Standard Hotel, a luxury hotel with over 300 rooms. Despite its 1970s disco vibe, it was built in 2009…

  3. Chelsea Market

    Welcome to the birthplace of the Oreo cookie, born in 1912! This is the former factory of the National Biscuit Company, now known as Nabis…

  4. 10th Ave Overlook

    The High Line design committee created a number of fun elements and spaces that add to the surprise-factor of the park. Along the way, you…

  5. IAC Building

    Towards the north of Chelsea Piers is a irregularly shaped building with what looks to have been spray painted with white horizontal rows.

  6. The Manhattan Project

    Let's pull over to the side so we can look around.

  7. HL23

    After the stroll pass wooden bleachers and a grassy pasture popular with sunbathers, picnic-ers alike, you'll find an ultra-modern glass an…

  8. Galleries & Street Art

    The Chelsea neighborhood has become a mecca for contemporary art. The current tenants of the hundred-year old warehouses we pass today are…

  9. Hudson Yards Part 1

    The Hudson Yards complex in front of us will create 25M square feet of office space, 20,000 housing units, 2M square feet of hotels, 1M squ…

  10. Hudson Yards Part 2

    Heading into this curve provides a playground, a helicopter landing pad closer towards the Hudson River, and some interesting views of the …

  11. High Line Park Northern Entrance

    Here we are at the end of the line. For now it is an unceremonious ramp down to a Mega Bus pick-up location in the middle of nowhere. In …

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