Purple Chairs, Majestic Vistas, & a Gas Station Church: Rosslyn VA

Washington, D.C.

  • Gateway Park on a sunny day. Photo by @OrangeLineCondo.
  • Nighttime photo of Gateway Park elevated walkway. Photo by @CazeyW.
  • Happy hour al fresco. Photo by @TheYardArlington.
  • The Yard Arlington. Photo by @umasoawaso.
  • Follow the lights. Photo: Central Place VA.
  • Central Place Plaza lights up so nicely. Photo: Stay Arlington.
  • Freedom Park in the springtime. Photo by
  • The Family sits in wait. Photo: Boaz Vaadia.
  • Cupid's Garden sculpture. Photo by Sam Kittner.
  • Watergate Investigation Historical Marker. Photo by
  • Follow the Money - The Parking Garage Where Washington Post Reporter Bob Woodward Met With "Deep Throat" to Discuss Watergate, 1401 Wilson Blvd., Rosslyn, Arlington, VA 22209. Photo by Beltway Photos.
  • The Arlington Temple United Methodist Church. Photo by @FramptonT.
  • The Arlington Temple United Methodist Church. Photo by @dgalvarenga.
  • Dogs invited at the Continental Beer Garden. Photo by @Lillianthepuppers.
  • Cornhole at the Continental Beer Garden. Photo: Maggie Photography @Mdubsphotos.

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1.0 mi
Guided by Katy
Katy Lang


Rosslyn has served as a Gateway into Arlington dating back hundreds of years, when Awbrey’s Ferry took passengers across the Potomac from Georgetown. At that time, Rosslyn was most known for its seedy reputation and numerous brothels—but how things have changed! Metrorail arrived in the late 1970s, cementing the area as a transportation hub. On this Sidewalk, you’ll experience Rosslyn’s majestic vistas, bold skyscrapers, and cultural attractions.

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Katy has lived car-free in the DC area since 2010 and is passionate about finding great running routes and safety for people walking. She’s also a sunshine enthusiast, Spanish language learner, cat cuddler, and cheese addict. She is currently the Program Director for Active Transportation in Arlington.

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Guide Points

  1. Gateway Park

    We’ll start at Arlington’s Gateway Park. Can you think of why it might be named “Gateway?” It’s because this park is located at the norther…

  2. Waterview’s Public Terrace & The Yard

    The public terrace at the Waterview, with its bar called [The Yard](, is a hidden gem. I didn't know it was there…

  3. Central Place

    Central Place Plaza is where it all happens. This space holds concerts, the Rosslyn Farmers Market, and special events. Plus the Metro entr…

  4. Freedom Park

    Freedom Park is an elevated linear park—which is a fancy way of saying that it's a long, narrow strip elevated above the ground! (Like the …

  5. The Family, by Boaz Vaadia

    Rosslyn is chock full of public art—one of the ways that the neighborhood creates a sense of “place” and individuality from others neighbor…

  6. Cupid's Garden, by Chris Gardner

    When you’re in a car or on the bus, it’s easy for this sculpture to blend into the surrounding metal-and-glass skyscrapers. But on foot, it…

  7. Deep Throat Garage

    Rosslyn’s mysterious and seedy past didn’t end a century ago—in fact, one of the most scandalous and secretive events in American history h…

  8. Arlington Temple United Methodist Church

    This church, which may be the world’s only church located on top of a gas station, has many nicknames: Our Lady of Chevron. Saint Exxon. Pu…

  9. Continental Beer Garden

    This humble beer garden, once an empty lot and then a public open space, is now a lively spot to grab an outdoor drink in the summer.

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