The 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial Walk of the World Trade Center & Lower Manhattan

New York City

  • The Oculus takes flight before 1 WTC.
  • The front of St. Paul's Chapel
  • An original pew, with scratches and chips from Ground Zero workers' rescue gear.
  • "The Bell of Hope."
  • "Tree of Hope" sculpture by Steven Tobin.
  • The walkway on the northern side of the Oculus.
  • A map of the former WTC plazas.
  • Inside the Oculus.
  • The lines in front of the 9/11 Museum.
  • Pro-tip: skip the lines by buying timed tickets at the automated booth.
  • Looking up from its base, 1 WTC looks like a pyramid.
  • 1 WTC on a picture-perfect day.
  • A view from upstairs.
  • Brookfield Place from the WTC plaza.
  • In the late afternoon, the staff turn on lights inside of the fountain.
  • The Survivor Tree.
  • Trees in line and out of line depending on which direction you look.
  • The Firefighters Memorial Wall

2 hours
1.1 mi
Guided by Michael
Michael Williamson


Explore the former World Trade Center and the area nearby to grasp the tragic events of 9/11, remember the victims, commemorate the heroes and celebrate the recovery efforts. Join us as we visit St. Paul's Chapel, the "Reflecting Absence" 9/11 Memorial, FDNY Engine Company 10, The Oculus and other Ground Zero monuments. Along the way, we will examine the timeline of events and delve into the stories behind the sites.

About Your Guide

Kansas born, Ohio raised, New Jersey schooled, and now: New York native. I devour history and non-fiction books, especially anything about Nieuw Amsterdam, Gotham, The Five Boroughs and the Empire City. My dog and I endure four flights of stairs to reach our Upper West Side apartment, but wouldn't change a thing.

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Guide Points

  1. St. Paul's Chapel

    We are here to guide you along this walk of remembrance, testimony and reverence. Along the way, we will discuss the events of September 1…

  2. St. Paul's Churchyard

    This churchyard is as old as St. Paul's itself and features gravestones that have long since eroded their names and epitaphs.

  3. Outside the Oculus

    You are now standing at what was formerly 4 World Trade Center, one of the seven buildings that comprised of the WTC around the plaza. See…

  4. Inside the Oculus

    Welcome to the Oculus. This aesthetically-sterile, architecturally-skeletal cathedral from the future was imagined by Spanish architected …

  5. 9/11 Museum

    This is the official 9/11 Museum that documents the events, victims, heroes and repercussions of the attack.

  6. North Pool

    This is the first of two, square-shaped voids in this plaza that compose the 9/11 Memorial. These cascading waterfalls are set in the exac…

  7. Freedom Tower

    The new 1 WTC, or "Freedom Tower" is the first of the World Trade Center office rebuilding efforts. The tallest building in the western he…

  8. Brookfield Place

    Brookfield Place is a luxury shopping mall and office center. You will find spotlessly-clean restrooms after passing through the entrance …

  9. South Pool

    While it is similar to the North Pool in design and concept, the South Pool includes a different group of names.

  10. The Survivor Tree

    In the midst of the excavation effort, a search and rescue crew found a callery pear tree buried beneath the rubble of the Twin Towers. No…

  11. Firefighters Memorial Wall

    Welcome to Engine Company 10 of the Fire Department of New York. This storied fire station was inaugurated in 1865, but only moved to this…

  12. 9/11 Tribute Center

    The 9/11 Tribute Center features films, artifacts and photos that bring to life the personal side of the events, from the perspective of th…

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