Canal Bridges, Clock Towers & Red Light Windows | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: East


  • De Waag shines at nighttime.  Photo: Patrick Verdier.
  • Amsterdam Centraal Station.  Photo: Simone Richter/Flickr (Published under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license).
  • "XXX" marks the Amsterdam coat of arms.
  • The Beurs Van Berlage in the early 20th century.
  • The front of the Beurs Van Berlage commodities exchange.
  • Nieuwendijk at night.  Photo: Thomas Schlijper.
  • Map of Amsterdam from the 16th century.  Photo: Hebrew University of Jerusalem & The Jewish National & University Library.
  • Dam Square as it looks today.
  • Dam Square as it looked in the 1600s before a fire burnt down old Amsterdam town hall. "Amsterdam Damsquare" by Gerrit Adriaensz. (Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons).
  • The Old Church today.
  • The pleasant courtyard outside of De Koffieschenkerij.
  • The Red Light District at dusk.  Photo: Miquel Gonzalez.
  • Women stand in the windows of the Red Light District. Photo: Herman Wouters for The International Herald Tribune.
  • A depiction of De Waag when it added a guillotine to the front.  Photo: Stadsarchief Amsterdam.
  • A photo inside the upper tower, taken in 1911.

45 minutes
1.1 mi
Guided by Senna
Senna De Vries


Walk the canals and squares of Amsterdam to explore the history, architecture and local culture. Join me on a visit to the old markets, 800 year old churches, red light district windows and ancient city gates. Plus we will sample the Winkle43 Dutch apple pie, considered to be the best in the world. This is the definitive walk of Amsterdam. This walk of the Amsterdam pairs nicely with my other walk, "Dutch Apple Pie, Anne Frank's Home & Tulips in Bloom | A Walk of Historic Amsterdam: West."

About Your Guide

I grew up in Haarlem, but have lived in Amsterdam for most of my life. Things I love: oversized sweaters on cold damp days, cold-pressed vegetable juices, singing out loud when I'm 99% sure no on can hear me. Travel bucket list: African safari to see the elephants, Bhutan to visit cliffside monasteries, Shanghai to explore the French Concession.

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Guide Points

  1. Amsterdam Centraal Station

    We begin our walk at Amsterdam Centraal Station. As the main transportation hub of the city, Amsterdam Centraal accommodates over 260,000 …

  2. Beurs van Berlage (The Old Stock Exchange)

    The large brick building with the clock tower is Beurs van Berlage. Today it is a concert hall and conference center, but when it was orig…

  3. Nieuwendijk Shopping Street

    We find ourselves on a quainter street, though it is just as busy as Damrak. Nieuwendijk is a pedestrian-only shopping street, and one of …

  4. Dam Square

    Dam Square is in the historical center of Amsterdam and is the namesake of the city. This is the location of the original dam built in 127…

  5. De Oude Kerk (The Old Church)

    De Oude Kerk is founded in 1213, making it the oldest building in Amsterdam: 800+ years old. Originally it was a wooden chapel for fisherm…

  6. Red Light District

    Here we are in the heart of the Red Light District (RLD). Admittedly it is awkward to have a prostitution-as-tourist-attraction component …

  7. De Waag

    The official name of this neighborhood is De Wallen or The Wall, named after the original Medieval walls that protected the city just steps…

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