Seinfeld's New York: The Soup Nazi, Accidental Tony Awards, Diner Coffee & More

New York City

  • This sign hangs on the side of the door.
  • A scene from "The Soup Nazi."
  • The scene inside the Rum House.
  • George in handcuffs at the Hotel Edison.
  • The Producers Club stands at what used to be The Improv.
  • Seinfeld on stage at The Improv.
  • The Playbill from Seinfeld's broadway show at the Broadhurst.
  • The Broadhurst Theater.
  • A painting of Sardi's.
  • Kramer telling jokes at Sardi's.
  • Jerry and George pitch "Jerry" to NBC execs at 30 Rock.
  • A t-shirt available at the NBC store.
  • Mendy's Deli.
  • An autographed picture hanging on the wall at Mendy's.
  • The 50th St entrance to the 1 line.
  • Elaine on the subway.
  • Tom's Restaurant, the facade of Monk's Cafe.
  • The cafe is packed with memorabilia.

2 hours and 30 minutes
5.6 mi
Guided by Alexis
Alexis Johnson


Even decades after the last episode, the Seinfeld TV show continues to be considered one of the best ever created, featuring quintessentially New York characters and situations. Whether you are a longtime fan or have never seen an episode, come explore the timeless world that is Seinfeld's New York. At each point, we'll show you relevant clips from the show and explain why it is still so quintessentially New York.

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If you need a trivia-night ringer for pop culture, British rock bands or NHL hockey, I am your girl. Ad agency designer by day, barre instructor by night, urban forager on weekends. New York is my city - I have a good handle on what's worth seeing.

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Guide Points

  1. The Original Soupman

    What do you have to do to enjoy the greatest soup in the world? Soup that is so good that "you can't eat this soup standing up, your knees…

  2. The Edison Hotel

    George Costanza is the self-described, "short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man" of the four main characters. Always seeking the quick and la…

  3. The Improv

    Despite playing a New York stand-up comedian (ie. himself), Jerry is actually the straight man in the show. Jerry is the relatable protago…

  4. Broadhurst Theater

    The summer the TV show wrapped, Seinfeld performed three shows at the Broadhurst Theater. HBO aired the hour long special, named _Jerry Se…

  5. Sardi's

    Since 1927, this institution is as much a part of Time Square as the Broadway theaters. While the food is described by _Zagat_ as "a culin…

  6. 30 Rockefeller - 30 Rockefeller Plaza

    In season 4, a scout from NBC walks up to Seinfeld after a comedy show and asks him to consider putting together a pitch for a TV show. So…

  7. Mendy's Kosher Delicatessen - 37 West 48th St

    Mendy's is the site of one of Seinfeld's most iconic debates: is soup a meal? Soup plus a sandwich certainly is, but how about soup alone?…

  8. 1 Uptown Subway Station - 37 W 50th Street (btwn 7th & Broadway)

    The subway station features blue and white mosaic tiles depicting scenes from Alice and Wonderland. Look for the platform heading uptown r…

  9. Tom's Restaurant - 2880 Broadway (@ W 112th St)

    Giddy up! On the northeast corner of the intersection of 112th St and Broadway is the facade of Tom's Restaurant, complete with its iconic …

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