Lifestyles of the 1%: Billionaires Row of Pacific Heights

San Francisco, CA

  • The courtyard garden at Jony Ive's house.
  • A happy cup of joy from Jane on Fillmore.
  • A view from upstairs at Jane on Fillmore.
  • The Clay Theater on Fillmore Street as it looks today.
  • A 1940 picture of the Clay Theater in Pacific Heights. Photo: San Francisco Public Library.
  • The norther view from the top of Alta Plaza Park.
  • Sutro Tower looks down on San Francisco.
  • The 2701 Broadway neoclassical-revival fortress.
  • The basketball court and low ceilings inside 2701 Broadway.
  • The top floor terrace view at 2712 Broadway.
  • The artsy staircase at 2712 Broadway.
  • The large, open kitchen at 2800 Broadway.
  • Exposed beam rafters on the top floor of 2800 Broadway.
  • A view from the second floor at 2850 Broadway, sans redwood trees.
  • The contemporary facade of 2850 Broadway.
  • The view looking down the Lyon Street steps.
  • One of 131 Hearts of San Francisco - on display at the Lyon Street steps.

1 hour and 15 minutes
1.0 mi
Guided by Myriah
Myriah Jasmin Wood


After the fires of the 1906 earthquake ravaged San Francisco, real estate was up for grabs. The wealthy selected to rebuild their lives (and mansions) with the best vistas in the city: at the top of Pacific Heights with views of the ocean. Ever since, the "Pac Heights" neighborhood has attracted the who's who of San Francisco high society, from US senators to oil tycoons to tech moguls. Come explore the mansions, shops, views and scandals of Billionaire's Row.

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Myriah! I'm a lifelong traveler, an Old-English Sheepdog obsessor and a celebrator of all things - big and small. What I'm loving right now: Gingerade Kombucha, yoga, afternoons at Dolores Park, my darling nephews, sunflowers and planning my next trip to Oman. What I'm trying to love right now: Cocoa nibs, podcasts and bourbon.

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Guide Points

  1. Jane on Fillmore

    Just about every neighborhood in San Francisco has its main thoroughfare of shops and cafes - Valencia Street in the Mission, Hyde Street o…

  2. Clay Theater

    No other event shaped the design of San Francisco as much as the 1906 earthquake and its subsequent fire. Over 80% of the city was destroye…

  3. Alta Plaza Park

    Alta Plaza Park stands at the pinnacle of Pac Heights and provides the hoi polloi with a hint of what the local residents get to enjoy ever…

  4. 2701 Broadway

    We now enter the part of Pac Heights where the billionaires have displaced the lowly millionaires.

  5. 2712 Broadway

    2712 Broadway seized the distinction for being the most expensive home in San Francisco when it was bought in April 2017.

  6. 2800 Broadway

    This red brick, Tudor-style house is owned by the Bay's most famous Brit: Sir Jony Ive, the Chief Design Officer for Apple who is responsib…

  7. 2850 Broadway

    Continuing along the most exclusive block of Pac Heights, we find ourselves at the site of one of the biggest neighborhood scandals of the …

  8. Lyon Street Steps

    The Lyon Street Steps are a frequent running spot for Pac Heights elites; expect to see generous application of cosmetics and expensive ath…

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    Great tour!

    Apr 23, 2020

    1. Gabriela Burbano

    Aug 6, 2019

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    Nov 3, 2018

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