Instagrammable Arlington: Columbia Pike's East End

Washington, D.C.

  • Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • The Echo sculpture in Penrose Square. Photo: Richard Deutsch.
  • The convex surface of Echo up close. Photo: Richard Deutsch.
  • Bob and Edith's Diner. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • Freedman's Village Bridge. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • Freedman's Village Bridge. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • The memorial at night. Photo by Gregg Micklos.
  • Photo by Gregg Micklos.

1 hour and 15 minutes
1.3 mi
Guided by Mary
Mary Dallao


Columbia Pike is Arlington’s “main street”: a lively and character-filled neighborhood brimming with diverse cuisines, welcoming public spaces, historic landmarks, and terrific photo opps, including an old Art Deco movie theater, a classic diner, and a bridge that marks a stopping point for former enslaved people embarking on new lives. This walk explores these and some of my other favorite stops along The Pike that are good for photographing. It ends at the U.S Air Force Memorial, which is the perfect spot to linger and take in views of D.C.

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Mary has called Arlington home for more than ten years. She loves being outdoors, and can often be found running or biking on one of Arlington’s many beautiful trails. She is currently the Program Manager for WalkArlington.

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Guide Points

  1. Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

    Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse is located in an old 1930s Art Deco theater that was converted into a restaurant and theater offering movies …

  2. Penrose Square

    Penrose Square is a great spot for taking pictures and people-watching.

  3. Bob and Edith’s Diner

    Bob and Edith’s Diner has been a Columbia Pike institution for over 50 years. Locals love coming here for weekend breakfast, and rave about…

  4. Freedman's Village Bridge

    As you continue east down Columbia Pike you’ll encounter Freedman's Village Bridge.

  5. Air Force Memorial

    The spires of the Air Force Memorial are meant to evoke an image of jet and space flight. One can almost feel the thrust of the engines lea…

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