Espresso, Spices, Cocktails & Movie Star Stairs: A Walk Down Hipster Silver Lake

Los Angeles, CA

  • Sections of gin, bourbon, whisky, vermouth and more.
  • An off-the-menu option: the Cortado.  Half espresso, half steamed milk.
  • Welcome to Silver Lake!
  • Sample dozens of bitters.
  • All sorts of local or handmade items.
  • A little space invaders tile work on the facade.
  • Look for the five tally marks logo.
  • Lots of variety, eclectic colors and limited release styles.
  • Head down the corridor to find the hidden Spice Station.
  • Giant glass jars of spices line the walls.
  • The not-so-Secret Headquarters comic book store
  • This week's latest, last week's back issue and a select set of other comics on display.
  • Not much to look at from the front.
  • A bite of the icebox cake.
  • A haircut and a vinyl record. Killer combination.
  • A stroll down the Music Box Steps.
  • When you reach the car and bicycle repair shop at the corner of Descanso and Sunset, turn right up Descanso.
  • The Thirsty Crow, made with rye whiskey, maraschino, ginger beer, lemon and magic.
  • The facade out front.

3 hours
1.1 mi
Guided by Evangeline


As LA neighborhoods price out their tenants, formerly middle class areas like Silver Lake receive an influx of thirtysomethings with comparatively deep pockets, anti-corporate ideologies and hipster demands. This is the neighborhood of inventive cocktails, alt fashion labels and artisanal handmade artifacts. Come walk through the retro-hip boutiques, bars, cafes, homes and atmosphere that make the Silver Lake neighborhood so desirable.

About Your Guide

LA girl, born and raised. I'm all about the sun, palm trees and the Dodgers - even if I have to put up with freeway traffic. Enthusiast of action movie sneak peeks, avocado toast, beach day and little-known clothing boutiques.

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Guide Points

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee

    As the sign on the corner of the street says, welcome to the Silver Lake Sunset Junction, an excellent starting point for our walk through …

  2. Bar Keeper

    Bar Keeper feels like an update on an 1850's apothecary and probably carries some of the same items. This is the place to go for the profe…

  3. Reform School

    Say what you will about the legitimacy of the source of this observation, but _Forbes Magazine_ named Silver Lake the "hippest neighborhood…

  4. The Black Cat

    Speaking of the perfect cocktail, The Black Cat is known for its cocktail scene in addition to their posh, late-night, New York-style gastr…

  5. Undefeated

    Undefeated (also spelled without its vowels, UNDFTD) is one of the top sneaker boutiques in Los Angeles. They specialize in selling off-be…

  6. Spice Station

    In the spirit of farm-to-table and unique flavor combinations, Spice Station provides a wide range of seasonings that you cannot find anywh…

  7. Secret Headquarters

    Secret Headquarters is the nicest comic book store you have ever been to. Secret Headquarters does away with bins of dusty back issues in …

  8. United Bread & Pastry

    Nestled next to a hip Taiwanese restaurant and the park that hosts the bi-weekly farmer's market (open Tuesdays and Saturdays) is an unassu…

  9. Lark Cake Shop

    What would a hipster neighborhood be without a cupcake store? The Lark Cake Shop has been a Silver Lake staple for nearly 10 years, baking…

  10. Franky's Barber Boutique

    Another fun example of the quirkiness of the neighborhood, here is Franky's Barber Boutique. Brian and Jesse not only produce a slick hair…

  11. Music Box Steps

    There are 705 steps from the top of the Music Box Steps to the bottom. It is a lot easier walking down than walking up... especially if yo…

  12. Thirsty Crow

    The final stop of the day is at one of the favorite watering holes of the locals: perfect for excellent cocktails and people watching. Thi…

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