The Perfect Beach Day in Bolinas

San Francisco, CA

  • Front of Coast Cafe.
  • The front facade of the Bolinas People's Store.
  • A little taste of the quirk.
  • Mural on the side of Bolinas Market.
  • Front of Bolinas Market.
  • Rustic old homes line the street on your walk to the beach.
  • Street murals on the way to the beach.
  • Succulents decorate the front porch of Coast Cafe.
  • Coast Cafe Bar.
  • The front of Smiley's.
  • The doorman at Smiley's.

3 hours
0.8 mi
Guided by Corey


Need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living? Head up the coast to Bolinas, a place that doesn’t want to be found. It’s one of the North Coast’s best kept secrets and the locals intend to keep it that way. Shhh, don’t tell them I sent you. Take a stroll through this quaint beach town, assemble a perfect picnic, feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face. Then kick back on a sunny patio where you’ll snack on locally caught ceviche and calamari while sipping a cold one. Welcome to Bolinas!

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Corey. I like sporting bow ties, but I'd rather be wearing my backpack, getting lost in the winding alleys of a place I've never been, while eating a donut. San Francisco is my home, although I've lived in Paris, Austin, and Santa Barbara. I've traveled all around the world, my most recent trip was to Sri Lanka and the Maldives with my wife, Myriah. I like parentheses (most excellent for interjecting trivial thoughts), I played soccer in college (but, now I just yell at the TV while watching it), and will eat any street food I encounter (yes, that includes rotten things, bugs, the occasional snake heart, and of course . . . durian).

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Guide Points

  1. Bolinas People’s Store

    The Bolinas People’s Store is just plain quirky and cute. It’s a food co-op stocked with bulk granola and high-quality local produce. The s…

  2. Bolinas Market

    Compared to People’s, Bolinas Market has a little more selection for your picnic. Plus, the fresh baked bread delivered from Stinson Beach …

  3. Bolinas Beach

    On your walk down Wharf Rd. to the beach, admire the rustic homes battling time, wind and salt, and winning. Once you get down to the beach…

  4. Coast Cafe

    Find a sunny table on the front patio and you’re all set! Do make sure to take a minute to go inside to check out the nautically themed int…

  5. Smiley’s Schooner Saloon and Hotel (Optional)

    Smiley’s has been pouring drinks since 1849. The saloon is believed to have been built by young Captain Isaac Morgan during the Gold Rush w…

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