The Birth of a Country, Capitalism and Rebellion: A Journey Through Historic Wall Street

New York City

  • Washington stares at the NYSE.
  • Statue of America with Labor spinning "wheel of progress."
  • Drawing of Fort Amsterdam in the 17th century.
  • The Charging Bull at the top of the Bowling Green.
  • Posing with the front of the bull.
  • Alexander Hamilton's grave.
  • Robert Fulton's grave.
  • Moving bars in the Gold Vault of the Federal Reserve.  Note the special protective footwear.  (Photo: The Discovery Channel)
  • Symbols of security and stability: large stone blocks, wrought iron lanterns and window grills.
  • A view of the NYSE from the north.
  • An old postcard of the NYSE.
  • Federal Hall.
  • George Washington's inauguration Bible.
  • The Trump Building at 40 Wall St.
  • Reporters and observers near the NYSE observe the aftermath of the 1920 anarchist explosion.
  • India House.
  • The Revolutionary War-era dining scene at Fraunces Tavern.

2 hours
1.0 mi
Guided by Michael
Michael Williamson


What today is the financial capital of America was the 17th century urban center of Nieuw Amsterdam. Discover the neo-classical architecture, cobblestoned alleys, Revolutionary War-era stomping grounds and hallowed financial institutions that compose the Wall Street district. We will visit eight locations in Wall Street that bring the city's history to life. Wall Street overflows with centuries-worth of secrets, deals, conspiracies and narratives waiting to be told.

About Your Guide

Kansas born, Ohio raised, New Jersey schooled, and now: New York native. I devour history and non-fiction books, especially anything about Nieuw Amsterdam, Gotham, The Five Boroughs and the Empire City. My dog and I endure four flights of stairs to reach our Upper West Side apartment, but wouldn't change a thing.

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Guide Points

  1. US Customs House

    You are standing at the birthplace of Manhattan. It was on the Bowling Green pasture in 1626 that Peter Minuit, director of the New Nether…

  2. The Charging Bull

    The Charging Bull is 3,200 lb symbol of capitalism, optimism and prosperity. The larger-than-life statue was originally "dropped off" witho…

  3. Trinity Church

    Trinity Church received its charter in 1697 making it the oldest church in New York. However, what you see before you is the third version…

  4. Federal Reserve Bank

    One of the better views of the Federal Reserve is from the upper plaza facing it from 28 Liberty St. Climb the stairs and walk north for a…

  5. New York Stock Exchange

    Welcome to Wall Street! The street is named after the 17th century barrier erected to protect the early Dutch settlers from potential attac…

  6. Federal Hall

    The northeast corner of the street features a bronze statue of George Washington standing above the stairs to Federal Hall. This Greek Rev…

  7. The Trump Building

    Originally known as the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, 40 Wall St has changed ownership. The not-so-subtle sign in front informs that i…

  8. India House

    1 Hanover Square served as the headquarters for the Hanover Bank in the mid-19th century. In 1870, the building became the office of the N…

  9. Fraunces Tavern

    This is the perfect conclusion for a walk through historic Wall Street. Fraunces Tavern will transport you back to the 18th century with i…

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