Arlington Cemetery: Civil War Mansion, Tomb of the Unknowns & Pentagon 911 Memorial

Washington, D.C.

  • Military funeral - notice the flag-draped casket. After the burial, the flag is given to the surviving family member.
  • Approach to Arlington Cemetery
  • Visitor Center
  • Eternal flame at JFK Gravesite
  • Arlington House as seen from JFK Gravesite
  • Memorial to the Civil War Unknown soldiers in the Arlington House gardens
  • View of Washington, DC from the Arlington House gardens
  • Entrance to the Marble Amphitheater
  • Mast of USS Maine, blown up in Havana Harbor at start of Spanish-American War
  • Honor Guard and wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
  • Marker for those who lost their lives on USS Liberty
  • Coast Guard Memorial with the Air Force Memorial in the background
  • Markers commemorating Admiral Peary's Arctic explorations
  • U.S. Air Force Memorial with Pentagon City in the background
  • Pentagon Group Burial Marker commemorating 2001 attack on Pentagon
  • View inside the Columbarium, where ashes are interred

3 hours and 20 minutes
3.2 mi
Guided by Gil

A visit to America's premier national cemetery is a must for veterans and history buffs. The large, hilly park of precise tomb markers includes several historic buildings and monuments, as well as commanding views of Washington, DC across the Potomac River. Come see tributes to the heroes and casualties of the nation's conflicts since the American Civil War and gain a sense of the sacrifices made to establish, protect and nurture this country.

About Your Guide
A native of Virginia, I am a seasoned international traveler, having lived in or traveled to over 60 countries. I enjoy bringing visitors to Washington's many famous historical, literary and artistic sites.

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Guide Points
  1. Arlington Cemetery Visitor Center
  2. President Kennedy Gravesite
  3. Arlington House
  4. Civil War Memorial
  5. Memorial Amphitheater
  6. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  7. USS Liberty Memorial
  8. Coast Guard Memorial
  9. Admiral Peary and Air Force Memorials
  10. Pentagon Group Burial Marker
  11. The Columbarium

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