Protest, Unity & Spray Paint: Street Art and Murals of the Mission District - North

San Francisco, CA

  • "Black Light King" by Wai Crew.
  • Mike Kershnar's mural of St. George.
  • Tiger on 15th St.
  • "Forough Farrokhzad, Simin Behbahani, and Simin Daneshvar" by Shaghayegh Cyrous.
  • Work in progress on Clarion Alley.
  • The Women's Building, wrapped in murals.
  • The Lapidge Street exterior.
  • "New World Tree."
  • The mural down Linda St.
  • "Carlos Santana" by Mel Waters.
  • Batman and The Joker square off in "Superheroes and Villains."
  • "Wild Aneml Instinct" by Wai Crew.
  • "Catty Girl" by FemOne.

1 hour
0.8 mi
Guided by Jason

Ever since Diego Rivera introduced large-scale wall paintings to 1930s San Francisco, the city has served as an epicenter for mural art. More recently, an offshoot of the medium came to the forefront: aesthetic graffiti and street art. Come walk the streets and alleyways of the Mission District to see the works and hear the stories behind the best of San Francisco's uplifting, angry, political, peaceful, spiritual, satirical and complex urban art.

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Guide Points
  1. Caledonia Alley
  2. Clarion Alley
  3. "MaestraPeace" at Women's Building
  4. "New World Tree" at the Mission Pool & Playground
  5. Murals of Superheroes & Santana
  6. El Capitan Theater and Hotel

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