The Essentials of Russian Hill - A Local’s Guide to the Neighborhood

San Francisco, CA

  • The view from the top of Lombard and Hyde.
  • Clean lines, natural light, and minimal design give Saint Frank a stunning visual appeal.
  • Swan latte art? Yes please!
  • The store front of Ferme A Papier.
  • If you're in the market for a post card this is your spot!
  • View of Coit Tower from the top of Lombard Street.
  • Aerial view of Lombard Street.
  • The burrata and a glass of red. Wonderful combo.
  • Grab one of the stools by the window!
  • The Potesto Pizza & Da Vinci's Palette.
  • For being 8 and 3/4, Max is wise beyond his years.
  • One of my all time favorites - the Salty Dog.
  • There is a flavor for everyone at Loving Cup.

2 hours
0.9 mi
Guided by Courtney
Courtney Loomis


Welcome to Russian Hill! It’s one of the most picturesque and walkable neighborhoods in San Francisco. Get ready, you're about to experience the neighborhood's best panoramic views, a savory slice, a charming wine bar, my favorite dessert, and much more!

About Your Guide

Hi I’m Courtney! I’m a Bay area native and a lover of San Francisco winters and Chicago summers. Whether it’s exploring London or Bangkok, I’ve always had a passion for travel. But, when I’m not jetsetting - you can find me at SoulCycle, brunching with friends, or cozying up next to a hot bowl of pho and a glass of wine.

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Guide Points

  1. Saint Frank Coffee

    There are a lot of coffee shops in San Francisco to choose from, but Saint Frank is one of the best. Regularly featured on top ten best cof…

  2. Ferme A Papier by Cat Seto

    This design studio (French for _Farm to Paper_) is the inspiration of local artist, author, and designer Cat Seto. Don't feel pressured to …

  3. Lombard Street

    Touristy? Yes! Crowded 24/7? Yep! A one time, must see San Francisco icon with lush flowers and incredible views? It sure is.

  4. Union Larder

    Union Larder is my favorite spot to unwind and grab a glass in the city.

  5. Za Pizzeria

    Regularly rated one of the top pizzerias in San Francisco, Za’s is a neighborhood institution.

  6. Loving Cup

    Loving Cup is a very San Francisco take on froyo. They dispense with the typical “add your own toppings” bacchanalia and blend the toppings…

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