Foodie Culture, Flying Books & Movie Sets: The Evolution of Downtown LA | Part One

Los Angeles, CA

  • A nighttime show at Grand Performances.
  • The top-of-hill station platform.
  • Sun-faded and all but forgotten.
  • A look down the main throughway of Grand Central Market.
  • Espresso at G&B (plus a free accompanying shot of fizzy hoppy tea).
  • The marquee of the Million Dollar Theater.
  • The entrance along 3rd St.
  • Head into the Broadway entrance of the Bradbury Building.
  • The Pope of Broadway.
  • Books flying off the shelves.
  • Entrance to The Last Bookstore.

3 hours
1.4 mi
Guided by Ian
Ian Donahue


The stroll through the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles offers portals into the city's founding, roaring heyday, crumble into decay, and today's trendy revival. Join us as we explore architecture, street art, food, murals, design, culture and little-known vistas of the city skyline. This is the story of how Los Angeles began and where it is heading.

About Your Guide

I am the head of product at a VR company, but in my free time, you can find me hiking to the Hollywood sign, ordering craft cocktails downtown, biking on the boardwalk in Santa Monica, and sampling bulgogi in Koreatown.

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Guide Points

  1. Two California Plaza

    Here we are on top of Bunker Hill - the main business and arts district of the city for the past twenty years. It also offers a great vant…

  2. Angels Flight

    In 1901, a funicular train was built to connect Downtown with Bunker Hill. It has run off and on ever since, but largely off. As in, it has…

  3. Grand Central Market

    Here we are at what can only be described as part bazaar, part food court, part zoo (but in a good way). Grand Central Market is nearing i…

  4. The Million Dollar Theater

    The ornate Million Dollar Theater was aptly named for the price tag of the building when it was constructed in 1917. If it were built toda…

  5. The Bradbury Building

    This is one of the architectural gems of the city, but less for the exterior and more for what is inside. Head on in! It's open to the pu…

  6. The Pope of Broadway Mural

    At 70 feet tall, this mural on the side of the Victor Clothing Co. is an icon of the neighborhood and a representation of the Hispanic popu…

  7. The Last Bookstore

    As you can tell by its name, the Last Bookstore is a place with a sense of humor. It turns out that it is also a place with a fun interior…

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    1. Jonathan Dowes

    Aug 9, 2019

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