The Perfect Day For Kids Of All Ages: Harvard Square Edition

Boston, MA

  • Dinosaurs are always captivating.
  • These flowers are so life-like, it is hard to believe they are made from glass. Photo: Carlo Natale.
  • A whale skeleton hangs from the ceiling at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Photo: J.W. Ocker.
  • A chess match is afoot at the Harvard Sciences Quad.
  • Play a game of corn hole at the sciences quad when done eating.
  • The playground at the northeast corner of Cambridge Common.
  • Depiction of the Old Washington Elm.
  • Chocolate mice, complete with tails, from L.A. Burdick. Photo: Davina.
  • Chocolate mice on display.
  • More Curious George than you can handle.
  • All sorts of fun in the Curious George Store.
  • The Chocolate Chunk from Insomnia Cookies.
  • The assortment at Insomnia Cookies.

2 hours and 30 minutes
2.2 mi
Guided by Steve
Steve Fabregas


Raising a pre-schooler in Cambridge, I explore the neighborhood on a near-daily basis with my son Elliot, and have a good sense of what makes for a hit or miss. From our walks, excursions and field trips, I've pieced together the itinerary for the perfect day in Harvard Square. We'll visit the hands-on Harvard Museum of Natural History, lunch at a food truck, run around a playground, visit the funnest kids bookstore in Cambridge and end with cookies. My family loves each of these places, and I'm certain your's will too.

About Your Guide

I'm a fan of all things dim sum, interactive museums, trivia, sci-fi and the New York Giants. I have lived in Cambridge, MA for over a decade, but I still have some upstate New York roots in me.

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Guide Points

  1. Harvard Museum of Natural History

    The Harvard museums have tons to see, but the natural history museum is the best one for kids. There is everything from dinosaurs to meteor…

  2. Harvard Sciences Plaza

    The Sciences Plaza at Harvard is the perfect place for lunch:

  3. Cambridge Common Park

    Find the playground in the Cambridge Common Park. There are a lot of fun features to it: the slide built into a hill, the wheelchair-access…

  4. L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates

    How about a quick stop for a small treat? LA Burdick's is a Harvard Square institution and yet, it is far enough from campus that most unde…

  5. The World's Only Curious George Store

    The Curious George Store is a fun emporium of books and toys that makes you miss the small toy stores of pre-internet olden days.

  6. Insomnia Cookies

    What's better than cookies? Ok. Cookies with ice cream. Luckily for us, Insomnia Cookie has both!

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