Heroes of the Past: Tributes from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial

Washington, D.C.

  • Statue of Abraham Lincoln
  • Aerial view of the Washington Monument.  Photo: Carol Highsmith & Library of Congress.
  • U.S. flags circling the base of the Washington Monument
  • The Jefferson Memorial viewed from the Tidal Basin
  • Bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson
  • Section of FDR Memorial
  • Washington Monument from the Tidal Basin
  • Martin Luther King Memorial seen across the Tidal Basin from the FDR Memorial
  • Japanese lantern near the Tidal Basin
  • World War II Memorial Fountain
  • Kilroy engraving at the WWII Memorial.  Photo: Mack Rountree.
  • C & O Lock Keeper's House
  • Organization of American States
  • Constitution Gardens as it looks today
  • World War I and II temporary office buildings
  • Federal Reserve Building
  • Einstein Statue
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • U.S. Department of State
  • A diplomatic reception room
  • A family member leaves a rose in memory of a loved one
  • Soldiers Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Washington Monument seen from Lincoln Memorial
  • Korean Memorial from the air
  • Korean Conflict Soldier sculptures

4 hours
3.7 mi
Guided by Gil


Washington is a city well known for its commemorations to presidents, prominent leaders and wars won and lost. Come join this 4-hour walk of DC's most important monuments, as well as some of the key buildings along Constitution Avenue. Stroll the tree-lined paths to excellent vistas and historic tributes. By the end of the walk, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the city and a greater appreciation of American martyrs, heroes and institutions.

About Your Guide

A native of Virginia, I am a seasoned international traveler, having lived in or traveled to over 60 countries. I enjoy bringing visitors to Washington's many famous historical, literary and artistic sites.

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Guide Points

  1. Washington Monument

    The Washington Monument is the world’s tallest obelisk (554 feet 7 11⁄32 inches). Construction started in 1848, but was halted for 23 years…

  2. Jefferson Memorial

    The Jefferson Memorial was built in the 1930s to commemorate the third president of the United States.

  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

    This memorial commemorates Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, and the unusual 12-year period of his presid…

  4. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

    This is the most newest memorial on the Tidal Basin, opened in August 2011. The granite statue by sculptor Lei Yixin shows the Rev. Martin …

  5. World War II Memorial

    This memorial is dedicated to all the Americans who served in World War II, either as members of the armed forces or as civilians.

  6. Lockkeeper's House, OAS, DAR & Red Cross

    There are four important buildings in this immediate vicinity.

  7. Constitution Gardens

    The gardens you are walking through were built over the foundations of temporary office buildings for U.S. military operations used during …

  8. Federal Reserve Building

    Since you can't help but notice this imposing building on the north side of Constitution Avenue, it is worth saying something about it.

  9. National Academy of Sciences

    The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a non-profit organization composed of the country's leading researchers. The NAS was founded in …

  10. Department of State

    The State Department was moved to this location in the run-up to World War II from its original headquarters on the grounds of the White Ho…

  11. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Completed in 1982, the Vietnam Memorial is in the shape of a V and built along a ramp that leads below ground level. The names of American …

  12. Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial is an American icon. Built on the western-most section of the Washington Mall in the 1920s, it is a major tourist attr…

  13. Korean War Veterans Memorial

    The Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated on July 27, 1995, the 42nd anniversary of the armistice that ended the war. One and a half m…

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