A Photowalk of the Mission’s Murals - 24th Street

San Francisco, CA

  • No Parking sign in front of House of Brakes - Carnival Mural
  • Contrast of colors and patterns - Balmy Alley
  • Artist: Shrine On - Balmy Alley
  • Barrista preparing coffee - Philz on 24th
  • Storefront - Philz on 24th
  • Mustang in front of House of Brakes - Carnival Mural
  • Carnival Mural on 24th
  • "Solar Spirit" by Xavi Panneton - Cypress Alley
  • Shadows and Street Art - Cypress Alley
  • Mark Bode's Motorcycle Girl - Lilac Alley
  • Mark Bode had Motorcycle Girl flip the bird after the city made him put clothes on her - Lilac Alley
  • Storefront of Mission Art 415
  • Pieces by Night Owl on the left and Mark Bode on the right - Mission Art 415
  • Storefront of Mission Pie
  • Seasonal Menu at Mission Pie

1 hour and 30 minutes
0.6 mi
Guided by Sean
Sean Custer


A photograph of an art piece can be as much of a work of art as the subject itself. It just takes some creativity, craftsmanship and practice. On this Sidewalk, we’ll visit my favorite street art spots in San Francisco: the murals of the Mission District along 24th Street. As we photograph these alleys, I’ll share the tips and techniques I use. Along the way, we’ll also stop into two of my favorite spots to sip and snack. This is going to be illuminating.

About Your Guide

Hey, I’m Sean. I’ve called San Francisco home for the past 20 years and have lived in almost every neighborhood in the city. My photography career has given me the opportunity travel the world, but I couldn’t ask for a better base than SF. I’m a coffee-fueled encyclopedia of irrelevant information and history. A habitual street photographer; I’m also a vintage car enthusiast — so if I’m not photographing, I’m exploring the backroads of California. Staying actively involved in photography drew me to working at Light. I find the L16 camera absolutely fascinating. Today’s emergence of computational imaging is akin to the start of photography in the 1800s, when photographers were scientists as much as they were artists, tinkering with what could be.

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Guide Points

  1. Balmy Alley

    This block-long alley features the most concentrated collection of murals in San Francisco. Curated by Precita Eyes, the murals began appea…

  2. Philz Coffee (Original)

    We’re going to take a quick pit stop for some coffee at this legendary cafe (and a bathroom break if you need it).

  3. Carnaval Mural (Above House of Breaks)

    Considered one of the most important public art projects in the neighborhood, the Carnival Mural was originally painted in 1983 by Oakland …

  4. Cypress Alley

    The street art murals on Cypress and Lilac streets (which we’ll visit next) came to fruition largely due to the efforts Mission Art 415 fou…

  5. Lilac Alley

    Similar to Cypess, the art on Lilac Alley is curated by Mission Art 415 and came to be as a result of the efforts of Lisa Brewer and Randol…

  6. Mission Art 415 (2884 Mission St)

    You may be familiar by now with the name Lisa Brewer. She is one of the main catalysts for murals in the Mission. If you have been impresse…

  7. Mission Pie

    Before opening Mission Pie, Karen Heisler had a 15-year career in environmental and agricultural policy and regulation - not the typical re…

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