Cannoli, Focaccia & A Casa Pasta: The Foodie Tour of North Beach - Little Italy

San Francisco, CA

  • Grab a seat in front of Stella and enjoy your Cannoli while you people watch.
  • Jalapeno cheese focaccia from Liguria Bakery. Photo: Vicente / Vittle Monster.
  • The facade outside of the Liguria Bakery.
  • There really isn't a bad time for a Cannoli.
Photo credit: hardestydwyer (Instagram)
  • Stella is known for its Sacripantina, but their Cannoli is my fav.
Photo credit: mlisstravels (Instagram)
  • The exterior of Caffe Trieste.
  • Pictures on the wall of the Caffe Trieste.
  • The scene at Vesuvio.
  • The crass logo for Vesuvio.
  • The Sentinel Building with the Transamerica Pyramid in the background.
  • The Caesar Salad at Cafe Zoetrope.

1 hour
0.7 mi
Guided by Corey


After the 1906 earthquake, the enclave of debauchery and vice that was the Barbary Coast was resurrected as North Beach - the Little Italy of San Francisco. Italian immigrants flocked to San Francisco to help rebuild the city and work in the nearby docks and canneries. Some of the newly arrived brought with them family recipes and an entrepreneurial spirit. While Little Italy has gotten a little touristy, the original recipes and heritage still remain today. Come on a foodie tour of espresso, spaghetti, cocktails and the stories behind them.

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Corey. I like sporting bow ties, but I'd rather be wearing my backpack, getting lost in the winding alleys of a place I've never been, while eating a donut. San Francisco is my home, although I've lived in Paris, Austin, and Santa Barbara. I've traveled all around the world, my most recent trip was to Sri Lanka and the Maldives with my wife, Myriah. I like parentheses (most excellent for interjecting trivial thoughts), I played soccer in college (but, now I just yell at the TV while watching it), and will eat any street food I encounter (yes, that includes rotten things, bugs, the occasional snake heart, and of course . . . durian).

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Guide Points

  1. Liguria Bakery

    In 1911, four years after Ambrogio Soracco immigrated to San Francisco from his small town outside Genoa, Italy, he opened the Liguria Bake…

  2. Stella Pastry & Cafe

    In a city know for it's sourdough, San Francisco doesn't disappoint when it comes to pastries. Stella Pastry and Café has baked traditional…

  3. Caffe Trieste

    Caffe Trieste is dripping with character. Examine the exterior and then head inside to find hand painted murals on the walls, stained glass…

  4. Vesuvio Cafe

    We're going to take a slight meander away from traditional Italian food to visit this must-experience bar.

  5. The Sentinel Building

    Completed the year after the 1906 earthquake, the Beaux-Arts style Sentinel Building / Columbus Tower / Zoetrope Building features copper t…

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