Love & Haight Ashbury: A History of Rock & Roll, Psychedelics and the Summer of '67

San Francisco, CA

  • Ken Kesey's acid-filled school bus, accompanied by a flock of Merry Pranksters.
  • Victorians on Central Ave.
  • Magnolia Gastropub with outdoor seating.
  • Ken Kesey, author of "One Fell Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and leader of the Merry Pranksters.
  • The band on the stoop of 710 Ashbury St.
  • The drug bust is front page news for the SF Chronicle.
  • The cover of Time Magazine on July 7, 1967.  "The Hippies: Philosophy of a Subculture."
  • The corner of Haight and Asbury.
  • Jimi performs a free concert in Golden Gate Park on June 25, 1967.
  • The mural of Hendrix on the west side of 1524 Haight St.
  • The Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic.
  • The door to the clinic on the right. "No dealing! No holding drugs, no using drugs, no alcohol, no pets. Any of these can close the clinic. We love you."
  • The Persian mural above the bar at Zam Zam.  Photo: Megan Farmer, The San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The Manson Family shortly after leaving the Haight.
  • The unassuming former house of the Manson Family.
  • The classic neon sign above the entrance to Amoeba Music.
  • Classic concert posters on sale.
  • Golden Gate Park in the summer of 1967. Photo: Dennis L Maness.
  • George Harrison at Hippie Hill.  Harrison was handed a guitar and asked to strum.

2 hours
1.1 mi
Guided by Clay
Clay Sortino


In 1967, the Haight Ashbury neighborhood hosted the "Summer of Love," a celebration of freedom, free love and free-spirited drug use. It was a brief moment in modern history with a legacy that still reverberates fifty years later. Come explore the places and people that inspired hippies, the anti-war movement, Flower Power and a mistrust government. This historic walk provides a contemporary lens to examine the zeitgeist of '67 and the impact it had on youth, music, culture and San Francisco.

About Your Guide

When I was a kid growing up in Central California, San Francisco was a pulsing metropolis - the place to be. SF had all the best concerts, all the creativity, all the food, all the best stories. Now that I live in SF all these years later, I still feel that way. I find humor in things I probably shouldn't. I love being outdoors, taking photographs, learning local history, and exploring the world through my rambunctious children's eyes.

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Guide Points

  1. The Victorians

    Glad to have you join us on our walk of Haight Ashbury and the hippie movement. We'll spend most of our time today exploring the key locat…

  2. Magnolia Gastropub

    Magnolia only came about in 1997, so it isn't directly relevant to the summer of peace and love. However, it is one of the premiere microb…

  3. The Grateful Dead House

    In 1965, a group of musicians led by guitarist Jerry Garcia got together in Palo Alto and called themselves The Warlocks. As they honed th…

  4. Intersection of Haight & Ashbury

    Here we are at the namesake of the neighborhood. The district was called Haight Ashbury well before the Summer of Love (today, people refe…

  5. Jimi Hendrix House

    This red building is informally known as the Jimi Hendrix House. The legendary musician took up residence in an apartment upstairs briefly…

  6. Haight Ashbury Free Clinic

    The free medical clinic is one of the few institutions of the Summer of Love that still survives today. It was founded right here on June …

  7. Zam Zam

    The Zam Zam Bar opened in 1941 and survived the "hippie infestation" as its owner Bruno Mooshei would call it.

  8. Charles Manson's House

    This is the point in our walk where the hippie movement starts its decline.

  9. Amoeba Records

    Amoeba Records is the largest independent music store in the United States. Though it consists of only three locations (the others found i…

  10. Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park

    One only needs to walk for a few minutes in Golden Gate Park to find Hippie Hill near the Conservancy of Flowers.

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