Crazy Donuts, Hipster Arcade Games & Rare Books: The Hallowed Institutions Of Portlandia

  • The Old Dirty Bastard at Voodoo Donuts, made with Oreo cookies, peanut butter and chocolate frosting.
  • The Steamed Bun with BBQ Pulled Pork from Kim Jung Smokehouse.
  • The bustle at Pine Street Market.
  • The pink sign depicts a voodoo doll - one of their most iconic donuts, filled with raspberry jelly, covered in chocolate frosting and stabbed with a pretzel stake.
  • The can't-miss pink box of Voodoo Donuts.
  • Pinball wizards at Ground Kontrol in Portland's Pearl District.
  • The four person Battle Royale is a crowd pleaser at Ground Kontrol.
  • The stacks at Powell's City of Books.
  • Manuscripts for sale in the Rare Books Room at Powell's Books.
  • The Passionfruit & Vanilla Cake donut at Blue Star.
  • Premium ingredients and flavor profiles at Blue Star Donuts.

1 hour
0.9 mi
Guided by Nick
Nick Overmeier


Downtown Portland bustles with uber-hip, delicious, quirky, historic and beloved establishments - all of which are a little weird, and that's just the way we like them. Let me show you what makes this town special. Come on a stroll around the Pearl District in downtown for some of the tastiest fusion pork buns, artisanal espresso, eccentric donuts, a nostalgia-inducing arcade, and the best damn bookstore in the world. You are guaranteed to love PDX, Beervana, Rip City, Hipster Hollow, or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

About Your Guide

Writer, traveler, wood worker, beer lover. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire adult life - I came for the greenery and stayed for the microbreweries, music scene, coffee, cherries, doughnuts, fishing, hiking... it's a long list. Not sure if I'll ever leave.

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Guide Points

  1. Pine Street Market

    Portland is a city that invents and reinvents itself all the time.

  2. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    Step on into the bright and open Stumptown and find the order counter on the right.

  3. Voodoo Doughnuts

    Find a place in the back of the line. It moves decently fast.

  4. Ground Kontrol

    Regardless of when you were born, Ground Kontrol features all the arcade games of your childhood, packaged in a dark, sci-fi spaceship ambi…

  5. Powell's City of Books

    Since 1971, Powell's City of Books has supplied the citizens of Portland with 4.5 miles of hardcovers, paper backs, comic books, out-of-pri…

  6. Blue Star Donuts

    Blue Star describes themselves as "donuts for grown ups," and that is both a fair assessment and some major shade thrown at Voodoo's Fruit …

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