Korean Tacos, Craft Cider, High Fashion and Rock & Roll: Stroll of Hipster Capitol Hill

Seattle, WA

  • Beautiful wooden bookstore.
  • Neumos stands proud at the corner of Pike and 10th.
  • Key Lime Pie at the Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge.
  • Interior of the Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge.
  • Find note cards on shelves with staff recommendations.
  • A view from upstairs.
  • Black is the new black.
  • Tidy housewares stacked and shelved.
  • The bar at Oddfellows.
  • The Tennessee Heat.
  • All things made in the US.
  • Enjoy the hipster collection of greeting cards.
  • A single scoop of Scout Mint is generously-sized.
  • The sign in front of Molly Moon's.
  • The facade outside of Capitol Cider.
  • A flight of American ciders.
  • A delicious pork taco.
  • Four Korean tacos ready to go.
  • A "dealer's choice" cocktail with mezcal.
  • The bar at Tavern Law.

3 hours
0.6 mi
Guided by Amanda
Amanda Simoni


Capitol Hill is Seattle's hip and trendy "it" neighborhood, steeped in rock n' roll history and accented with funky boutiques, inventive cocktail lounges and beautiful and energetic twenty- and thirtysomethings. Join us as we explore the institutions and hidden gems of Capitol Hill including a recycled materials boutique, ice cream parlor, Jimi Hendrix statue, a speakeasy and the most beautiful bookstore in the Pacific Northwest.

About Your Guide

Seattle has been home for the better part of a decade, and every year I find new things to do and see. Beyond the overcast skies and constant monsoon is a metropolis filled with with monumental art, artisanal espresso, gold rush dreams and rock 'n' roll bonafides.

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Guide Points

  1. Neumos

    We'll begin our walk by starting at the foundation of Capitol Hill's prestige.

  2. Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

    The Lost Lake Cafe stands just across the street from Neumos and welcomes its patrons with open arms, especially at 2am. The Lost Lake is …

  3. Elliott Bay Book Company

    It's rare to discover an independent bookstore these days, even more surprising to find it thriving.

  4. Totokaelo

    Somehow this hipster neighborhood hides an enclave of couture and sophisticated fashion. Totokaelo (pronounced Toh-toh-KYE-oh) is an empor…

  5. Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

    Oddfellows is a charming, rustic tribute to Americana, with reclaimed wooden tables, exposed brick walls, and a generous use of mini cast i…

  6. NUBE

    NUBE carries everything from apparel for the entire family to furniture to jewelry. But it is different from just about any other store yo…

  7. Molly Moon's

    Molly Moon's is a passionate ice cream scoopery that sources as many ingredients as possible from local (90% of ingredients are from the Pa…

  8. Jimi Hendrix Statue

    Favorite son of Seattle, Jimi Hendrix is memorialized in bronze while sliding on his knees and clutching his guitar as it reverberates in p…

  9. Capitol Cider

    An Old World English pub hides in a 100-year old building. Above the dark wooden booths hang early-American style portraits and sea faring …

  10. Marination Station

    It may not look like much, but this is an insider's favorite.

  11. Tavern Law

    For our final stop on our stroll through hipster Capitol Hill, we find ourselves at Tavern Law, named after the 1832 _Pioneer Inn and Taver…

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