Yale & Beyond: Priceless Art, Rare Books & the Country's Best Pizza in New Haven, CT

  • Vanderbilt Hall in the Autumn. Photo: Mark Alden Branch.
  • The Egyptian Revival gate to the Grove Street Cemetery. Photo: Dave Pelland.
  • Old world charm at the bar inside Ordinary. Photo: Ordinary New Haven.
  • Sally's Apizza. With an A. At the beginning. Photo: Mod Betty.

4 hours
1.1 mi
Guided by CB


Explore this college town to discover an old world campus, the first college museum in the US, the best pizza in the country and more. As someone who lives in New Haven and is married to a Yalie, I know what is worth seeing. Come on a one-day exploration of Yale University and its surroundings. We'll visit a secret society, happen across the most iconic painting of the Revolutionary War, and grab a cocktail at a 300+ year old bar. This is the best of New Haven.

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I write the travel blog onehitwanders which creates 24 hour travel guides and more. I grew up in (and am loyal to) the San Francisco Bay Area but have moved around since college between there, New England, and the UK. Working on making my way back west but in the meantime happy to take a few detours…

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Guide Points

  1. The Juice Box

    This is a great little spot for a healthy breakfast, they have acai bowls, avocado toast, oatmeal and of course, juice for the modern Yale …

  2. Yale University Art Gallery

    The Yale University Art Gallery was founded in 1832 as the first college art museum in the United States.

  3. Yale Center For British Art

    This museum houses the largest collection of British art outside of the United Kingdom. There are two seafaring paintings by J. M. W. Turne…

  4. Soul de Cuba Cafe

    Taste great Cuban food in a nice corner setting. I like this cafe because of the casual atmosphere and consistently good food - I have yet …

  5. Louis' Lunch

    Claiming to have invented the hamburger in 1900, this lunch spot is famous in New Haven.

  6. Yale Old Campus

    Walking around the Yale campus is probably the top sight in New Haven. You will likely see tourists snapping photos of the college building…

  7. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

    Before we head inside, study the facade of the exterior.

  8. Grove Street Cemetery

    This is the oldest private, non-profit cemetery in the world, incorporated in 1797 when the New Haven green was too crowded for more people…

  9. Ordinary

    Ordinary is a bar located in what used to be a famous New Haven hotel: the Hotel Taft. I like to come here because it is like walking into …

  10. Sally's Apizza

    For dinner, we come to Wooster Street, one of the most lauded pizza streets in the country.

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